Delivery Mission Course


Your rover is part of an EVA team on Mars.  You are tasked with assisting two astronauts as they conduct a series of geologic and maintenance tasks on the surface.

You begin your task by leaving the station (1), following a marked route. Along the way, you will search for a rock specimen that matches the description provided by judges, and deliver it to the Sample Cache (2).

You will support Astronaut #1 by collecting a new rock, located in the Rock Box, and delivering it to the Science Box (3), as well as finding a Designated Object (as specified by judges) and delivering it to the Science Box (4).

Once you have been cleared for Stage 2, your mission shifts from the scientific work to being a general field assistant for Astronaut #2. You are tasked with traveling to the Wreckage Area that includes pieces from a previously failed experiment. Your rover will pick up multiple pieces of wreckage and deliver to Astronaut #2 (5).  You also have the option to pick up an additional item located in a remote canyon for delivery to Astronaut #2 (6a), or to use a a drone to read the number on a tag up on the ridge (6b).

Note: This narrative is provided as an introduction only. The official course details, rules, and scoring metrics are provided in the following images.

New or Modified URC2024 Delivery Mission (DM) Course Rules & Advice