Recommended Topics

URC is more than just an engineering competition.  We challenge teams to learn new disciplines, and expand their skill sets.  Below are several topics that we encourage to research and better understand.  Many of these topics will be points of emphasis during the milestone reviews.  But more than just writing better reports, understanding these topic will help your team be stronger and have a more successful experience!

Budget Tables and Gantt Charts for URC

Further Reading

These references are not the only sources of information, but are worthwhile references.  We'll occasionally add new references to this list.

Wireless Communications at URC

While URC imposes unique requirements on the use of specific radio frequency bands for communication, teams must also ensure they are complying with all applicable regulations of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  In particular (but not exclusively), teams should pay attention to "Part 15" regulations:

Code of Federal Regulations Title 47: Telecommunication, Chapter 1, Subchapter A, Part 15: Radio Frequency Devices

Subpart C: Intentional Radiators, provides details regarding specific frequency bands and their applicable regulations.