Science Plan

The details below are from URC2023 and are provided for reference only. 

URC2024 will require a formal Science Plan in addition to submitting Chemical Safety Plans. Details will be updated soon!

Updated  April 19, 2023. The requirement to submit a Science Plan for URC2023 has been replaced. Teams will instead submit for approval a detailed Chemical Safety Plan. Approval is required for any chemicals/reagents other than water intended for use in the Science Mission. All teams are required to submit a plan - if your team does not plan to use any chemicals, then your response may simply state as such.

Chemical Safety Plan

Submission Instructions

Team must submit their Chemical Safety Plan by email to URC Staff will advise teams if there are any issues that require resolution. Teams will be notified once their plans have been approved.

Submit Early!

Chemicals are only permitted for use if the submitted plan has been approved in advance by judges. Teams should submit their plans as soon as possible to allow time to adjust plans based on feedback from judges. The latest date that plans may be submitted is May 19, 2023.

Requirements for Consideration of Chemical Use at URC

Teams are required to track chemical use "cradle to grave," meaning from the time it is purchased until the time it is properly/safely disposed. The University Rover Challenge Finals take place at a remote field site, and safety response measures are not provided. The University Rover Challenge and the Mars Society are not responsible for the chemical, or its transportation/storage/use/disposal.

All teams must submit a Final Chemical Safety Plan for approval. Approval of a chemical for one team does not imply approval of a chemical for all teams - this is because we aren't just approving chemicals, we're approving their use and safety plan!

Required Information

Prohibited Chemicals

Any chemical containing mercury is strictly prohibited.

Chemical Check-In at URC Finals

During team check-in on May 31, each team's Chemical Safety Officer will meet with URC Officials to verify that the chemicals transported to URC match the approved Chemical Safety Plan. On the day that your team competes in the Science Mission, the Chemical Safety Officer will conduct a check-in inspection prior to competing in the Science Mission, and a check-out inspection immediately following the mission.

Additional Guidance