2014 was a record year for URC... now are you ready for 2015?!

URC Finals Registration & Other Deadlines
Congrats to our final 23 teams!  Teams attending URC2015 will need to pay the event registration fee of $175 (USD) via the PayPal links, below.  Deadline is May 1.

Communications Deadline (April 25): Submit your team's communications details here!
Travel Team Details (May 1): Submit your travel team details here!
The Travel Team Details form must be completed by the Student Team Lead, or another team member acting on behalf of the Student Team Lead.  Prior to opening this form, please have the following information available:
- Verification that your team has already made lodging reservations, and has a dedicated vehicle available for URC;
- A list of all team members traveling to URC;
- A list of all non-team members traveling to URC (advisors, etc.);
- A list of all team members who should receive a URC2015 Certificate (must provide names exactly as they should be printed on the certificate).
Attendee Registration Form (May 15): Every individual who attends URC must read the safety notice and complete this form and waiver.
Step 1: Read the URC Desert Safety Notice.
Step 2: Fill out this form.

Presentation Task (May 15): Teams must submit videos for the Presentation Task.  This is a scored event and is worth 100 possible points!
URC2015 Teams
44 teams from 8 countries began.  23 teams are still standing.  Only one team will take home the championship!

United States









Registration Questions
Is there a registration fee?  Yes, there is an initial application fee of $100 (USD), which will be payable online.  Teams that are selected to attend URC2015 following the Critical Design Review will be required to pay a subsequent registration fee of $175 (USD).
Are international teams permitted?  Yes, with the exception of countries facing certain sanctions with the United States that would prevent URC registration and participation.
When will registration close?  Consisent with section 1.h of the rules, teams must register no later than December 5, 2014.
Should we start work on our systems before we register?  Yes - you should start as soon as possible!  Uncertain where to begin?  Read our advice page!
Is there a limit to the number of teams that can register for URC2015?  No; however there is now a competitive downselection process that is outlined in Section 1.h of the rules.
What else do I need to do?  If you haven't done so yet, please make sure that you have signed up for the URC-Announce email list.
Teams by Country
United States 14
India 9
Poland 8
Canada 6
Bangladesh 3
Egypt 2

Australia 1
Colombia 1