Extreme Delivery Mission

Your rover is part of an EVA team on Mars.  You are tasked with assisting three astronauts as they conduct a series of geologic tasks on the surface.

One astronaut is tasked with searching for biosignatures in a grided area of interest nearest you.  Two astronauts further away are setting up a monitoring station for dust measurements. 

Your job is to search an area close to you for a rock of significant interest to the mission, and if you locate it, deliver it to Astronaut #1, who is searching the area with you.

You begin your task by leaving the station (1) and along the way, you may investigate the possibility that the crew of a previous mission has placed in a cache (2) preliminary information about the location of the significant rock you need to retrieve. 

Or you may simply go directly to search for the rock in the grid surrounding a geological formation that has been identified as a site of interest (3). 

Complete this part of the mission by delivering the correct sample to Astronaut #1 (4).

Once you have been cleared for Stage 2, your mission shifts from the scientific work to being a general field assistant for the working astronauts. You are tasked with traveling to Astronaut #2 (5).  Once there, the astronaut asks you to retrieve a component from the resource area (6) and deliver it to Astronaut #3 so that the monitoring station will be finished (7).