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Important Weather Announcement

posted May 24, 2019, 7:14 PM by Kevin Sloan
Teams should be advised that very unseasonable weather is impacting southern Utah, and may continue to be of concern through URC2019. Significant rain has made off-road conditions extremely difficult, and forecasts continue to underestimate the amount of rainfall. Safety is the top priority at URC; teams are encouraged to be prepared and use good judgement.
  • Temperatures have been much cooler than usual - be prepared for especially cool mornings (by URC standards)!
  • Due to heavy rainfall, unpaved roads and trails are extremely muddy or even impassable. Teams should not drive off-road at all prior to URC! Be mindful of flash flooding in the desert.
  • Teams may not visit MDRS prior to URC.
  • 4-Wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles are strongly encouraged.  If conditions continue to be bad during URC, judges may restrict vehicle traffic to only 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles.
  • While the judges and URC team are committed to providing teams the best experience possible, safety will always come first! If conditions impact URC's schedule or competition sites, contingency options may be enacted. Teams should be prepared to be flexible.
It is still too early to predict exactly what the conditions will be during URC. Conditions may improve, allowing URC to proceed without any impact. Until then, stay safe and plan ahead!