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Honeybee Robotics Joins as Sponsor of URC2019

posted Apr 25, 2019, 7:25 PM by Kevin Sloan
The University Rover Challenge is excited to announce that Honeybee Robotics has joined as a sponsor for the 2019 competition! Honeybee Robotics has been actively involved in URC2019 through their participation in webinars for teams earlier this year, and will be serving as guest judges for the finals. Students will have the opportunity to network with company representatives at the URC Meet and Greet Hosted by Protocase the evening before competition starts.

Honeybee Robotics, a subsidiary of Ensign-Bickford Industries (EBI), has been a leader in research and development for applied robotics for over 35 years. Honeybee has three main offices across the United States, each focused on a unique aspect of the spacecraft mechanisms market. Their Longmont, CO headquarters specializes in production for a variety of satellite actuators, gimbals, and control avionics; their Brooklyn, NY office specializes in servicing robotics and terrestrial applications, including for the oil & gas and medical industries; and their Pasadena, CA office specializes in unique planetary exploration systems for missions through the solar system. Honeybee’s flagship programs have included the first mechanism to access the interior of a rock on another planet (the Rock Abrasion Tool on the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers) and the first hardware to ever touch extra-terrestrial ice (the Icy Soil Acquisition Device on the Phoenix Mars lander), among other systems in the critical sample handling chain on various NASA missions.
EBI shares a dedication to innovation and a commitment to technical expertise across all its business units. As a result, they are excited to support the development of the next generation of industry professionals by sponsoring URC 2019.