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Behind the Challenge - Creating the Equipment Servicing Lander

posted May 23, 2019, 3:21 AM by Kevin Sloan   [ updated May 23, 2019, 3:27 AM ]
In the months leading up to the 2018 University Rover Challenge (URC), the judges gave a separate challenge to the team from Protocase, long-time sponsor of URC. The challenge was simple but bold: design and build a piece of hardware for the URC2018 Equipment Servicing Task that fit the scope of the competition and scale of the rovers.

Protocase worked closely with judges to define requirements and better understand the range of robotic control teams would be expected to execute in the field. From the initial set of requirements, Protocase engineers unleashed their creative vision as the team iterated through CAD models.

By May, 2018 major components were heading into production, showcasing the myriad fabrication techniques at Protocase's disposal. By the end of the month the components of the rover, having undergone factory fit checks in Canada, had arrived in the desert of southern Utah ready for final assembly.  Within a matter of hours, the URC judges, having never before seen any of the components in person, were able to construct the new flagship assembly and unveil it for teams.

Watch more on this story below, but don't worry about that being the end of the story. After undergoing a few modifications in the off-season, the lander will be back for URC2019, being held May 30 - June 1, 2019 at the Mars Desert Research Station!

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