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URC2014 Scoring

The following is an overview of the URC scoring for each task.  For the Presentation and Sample Return Tasks, the scoring is taken directly from the rules.  The scoring for the other tasks is representative only, and will change based on the exact course layout.  The judges will brief teams on the scoring prior to competing in these tasks.

Sample Return
25 points:   Thoroughness of site investigation and quality of science debrief
25 points:   Quality and applicability of analysis of field science                    
25 points:   Retrieval depth and quality of sample returned                   
25 points:   Quality and applicability of analysis of returned sample 

Terrain Traversing Task
0 - 10 points per route between gates
5 - 10 points per gate              
Partial points for partial completion of a route between gates

Astronaut Assistance Task
2 - 5 Astronauts in the field, with an unspecified number of tools, plus a remote sensor.
25 points for placing the repeater and confirming connectivity of the receiver and sensor
10 - 20 points per other item delivered within 1m of the correct astronaut.
Judges' discretion for delivering outside 1m.

Equipment Servicing Task
All valves will be initially closed
Pump may only be run for 10 minutes to prevent overheating
10 points will be awarded for completing tasks in order
10 points: Open valves required to inflate structure

  5 points: Switch on pump
15 points: Switch off pump when gauge shows pressure 0.8< P <1.2psi 
10 points: Open and close valves to allow deflation
10 points: Deflate structure (P < 0.2psi)
15 points: Unscrew flange connection and release hose on ground

20 points: Pick up hose and reattach to equipment panel
  5 points: Close all open valves

Presentation Task
25 points:    Team structure, organization and management      
25 points:    Core rover design and functionality               
25 points:    Suitability of rover design to competition tasks      
25 points:    Overall quality of presentation